Martin Reardon

Photographer | Family guy | ‘76ers Fan

My Motivation

I truly believe that the art of photography– the light, the mood, the moment– is a most personal and powerful form of expression. For more than a decade, my passion is collaborating to make certain I convey your distinct personality, your family, your friends with stunning images capturing all the excitement of your wedding day and sustaining the memories you’ll cherish forever.

My Inspiration

That’s easy– the love and comfort I enjoy with my wife and our two children. Together, we take time exploring new film, music and literature, and recharge with outdoor excursions to rediscover the essential beauty only found in nature. Oh, and I’m a pretty diehard ‘Sixers fan, getting to games as often as I can.

My Promise

While my family is the most important thing in my life, having someone to serve beyond myself keeps me motivated and energized to being a better photographer– open to innovation and fiercely committed to those I have the pleasure of serving with my craft.

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    Schooled in the Fine Arts

    Intensive studies in color theory and composition inform my photographic approach. While attending art school, I honed my creative and critical thinking, acquiring valuable experience in the essential art forms; from pencil sketch to painting and sculpture.

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    Refined in Graphic Design

    A rigorous and demanding professional career gave me the opportunity to work on some of the world’s largest commercial brands and consumer products. It was here that I developed a deep appreciation for what makes a successful project– collaboration with team members from the start and sweat the details till everyone is satisfied.

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    Fulfilled in Photography

    At a design firm where I worked, there were top notch photographers on staff. After hours, I would spend time learning the craft from them. Many were accomplished wedding photographers and eventually I became an apprentice. Now, it’s the most rewarding creative work I can imagine pursuing. It is my full-time avocation.


I was initially intrigued by the beauty of his work, after studying his website gallery and blogposts, but it was really his laidback nature and attitude that sold me! I had come across so many photographers that did beautiful work, but in talking to them I felt stressed out, anxious, and like they were inauthentic or pretentious. Martin is a genuinely nice guy, who is great at what he does and loves what does!