Engagement Sessions

Tips and frequently asked questions


How should I dress?

Whether you dress casual or formal is up to you, but in my experience going too far either way isn't optimal. Just as an example: a tie and a dress shirt would be a bit to formal, and a printed T shirt and sneakers would be to casual.

I never tell clients exactly what to wear, but I have a few suggestions about what not to wear:

  • Sleeveless shirts (Men)
  • Shorts
  • Loud patterns or neon colors
  • Printed T-shirts
  • New or uncomfortable shoes. Engagement shoots often involve walking between different locations and possibly through unpaved terrain. If you would like to wear shoes in the photos that you cannot walk long distances in, I recommend bringing along a comfortable pair to walk in, like flip-flops.
  • Identical outfits, or even similar colors
  • Be sure not to bring anything you have to carry, like a purse, handbag, or sunglasses.
  • Guys: be sure to leave anything bulky (like a wallet) at home, the imprint in your pants can be noticeable.


  • The camera is very sensitive to color variations, so I recommend that couples consider a teeth whitening treatment just before a photo shoot.
  • Any concerns with complexion should be handled with makeup (men & women). It can be much more expensive to fix afterwards.
  • Avoid any form of tanning! While the effect of a tan may look pleasing in person, it often leaves the skin looking unnatural in photographs, especially when it is overdone.



  • Below is a list of recommended Philadelphia Area locations without entrance fees, but feel free to choose your own location within 30 miles of the city. Some couples choose a sentimental location with some meaning for you both. Example Here.
  • You will be responsible to cover my admission fee if your location requires them. Examples include Longwood Gardens & Morris Arboretum.
  • Multiple locations are acceptable but keep in mind the shoot is a maximum of 1.5hrs long.

Natural Locations:

Norristown Farm Park
Info | ExampleExample
Good variety without a lot of walking.

Valley Forge National Historical Park
Info | Example | Example
My personal favorite. Unmatched for its expansive landscapes. Very large, requires driving between locations.

Bucks County Community College - Tyler Gardens
Info | Example 
Very nice manicured garden. Recommended for weekends only. Often combined with a trip to Tyler state Park and Schofield covered bridge

Tyler state Park - Schofield Covered Bridge
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Great classic covered bridge.

Wissahickon Valley Park
Info | Example 
Great natural location, but a lot of walking required.

Curtis Hall Arboretum
Info | Example
Lots of natural beauty with the classical architecture of Curtis estate. 

Urban Locations:


Old City Philadelphia & Surrounding Neighborhoods
Info | Example | Example | Example
Urban look with historical architecture and charm.

City Hall
Info | Example 
Classic Philadelphia photo opportunity. The area around city hall provides a lot of variety.

Race Street Pier
Info | Example 
Epic view across the Delaware river of the bridge.

Ben Franklin Bridge
Info | Example 
A walk across the bridge has a limited but amazing photo opportunities.

Urban/Natural Mix Locations:

Independence National Historical Park
Info | Example 
Almost unmatched in variety and beauty. 

Philadelphia Museum of Art & Azalea Gardens
Info | Example | Example | Example
My most popular location for engadgment shoots.

Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Info | Example | Example | Example 
Requires a lot of walking, but the views and variety are worth it.

Rittenhouse Square
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Best Philadelphia square for photos. Sunrise on Sunday is recommended, can get very crowded and parking is challenging.

Highlands Mansion and Gardens
Info | Example 
One of my personal favorites. A permit is required. Great alternative to Longwood Gardens and Morris arboretum with less restrictive hours. This allows shooting closer to sunset and sunrise.

Image Credit: Janine Collette Photography



Engagement shoots are always scheduled 1.5 hours before sunset or at sunrise. You can check sunrise and sunset times for you date Here.



If it rains on the date of your engagement we typically reschedule. But sometimes we don’t, example Here.

You will receive your images within 4 weeks of your session. Please plan your session date accordingly to be able to ship your save the dates on time.

Carefully consider the turnaround time. It may not be possible for me to accommodate special requests, even for 1 or 2 images. I keep my post production to a very strict schedule so I can deliver my images on-time to everyone. Any effort to expedite your images would have to be at the expense of someone else.

Bringing a pet (typically a dog) is just fine! I recommend bringing along a friend who can take the dog after a few shots, unless you want to do the entire shoot together.


To schedule your engagement shoot please click the link below.

The appointment times are only placeholders. There is a sunrise (6am) and a sunset (5pm) option. You can check exact sunrise and sunset times here. Sunrise sessions begin right at sunrise and sunset begin 1.5-2 hours before sunset.

Engagement Scheduling